The Mudjahid Belhadj Bouchaib

His upbringing:

    - The deceased Mudjahid Belhaj Bouchaib, called Si Ahmed, was born in Ain Temouchent  on 13/07/1918.

    - He grew up in a modest revolutionary family, studied at the primary school and obtained a primary education certificate. He workrd with his father as a butcher.

    - His brother, Belhadj Mohamed, a member of the 17th Bomber Regiment of the November 1st Revolution in Ain Temouchent.

    - Belhadj Bouchaib is a sportsman, he joined the football team in Ain Temouchent.

    - The establishment of several relations with political leaders, where he received Mesali al-Hadj and Mohamed Boudiaf in his family home during a secret visit to Ain Temouchent.

His struggle:

   In 1937, he joined the Algerian People's Party and the Movement for the Victory of Democratic Freedoms.

  - In 1938 he was summoned to perform compulsory military service in the French army.

   In 1940, Bouchaib was transferred to the Western Front for the Liberation of Holland from the Nazi invasion and was captured by German forces.

   - After the establishment of the secret organization in February 1947, contacted by Ahmed ben Bella in order to join this body and due to the saturation of the party's values, principles and loyalty, he engaged in the organization without hesitation.

  - Became deputy mayor of Ain Temouchent in 1947, and took over the responsibility of the organization for the whole region.

   In October 1948, he was assigned to Ait Ahmed to conduct training and reconnaissance in the following regions: Tiaret, Chlef and Tissemsilt.

   - Participated in the attack on the post of Oran on April 05, 1949 to obtain funds that allowed the leaders of the Special Organization to acquire weapons.

   - In 1950, he entered underground work, where he was chased by the French police. He was forced to move to Algiers with Souidani Boudjemaa. The Revolutionary Unity and Work Committee was established to unite efforts for armed action, working under pseudonyms on the farms of Algiers. He joined the G-22 and was appointed as a responsible member of the Fourth State Command along with Rabah Bettat and Sweidani Boudjemaa according to the division of the country's five military zones in June 1954 in Algiers under the presidency of the martyr Mustapha Ben Boulaid to prepare the start of the triumphant liberation revolution.

- After the failure of the attack on the peso military barracks in Blida, the result settled for almost a year until he was arrested in September 1955 until independence, where he moved between the prisons of Blida Sarkaji and Oran.  He went on a hunger strike during the year 1958.

   - After independence, he continued his struggle in the National Liberation Front (FLN), he was appointed director of a national institution in Oran.

- He died on  January 22, 2012 at the age of 94 years.






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